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Vandal & Co.

we are vandal & co.

Founded in 2021, the Vandal & Co. team create memorable hospitality experiences featuring feel-good food and creative fun cocktails, along with exceptional service backed up by a strong music line-up.

Our restaurants in Dundee and Perth deliver more than just a meal: they’re places where people gather, stories are shared, and connections grow stronger. Seems our famous burgers,  shakes, and cocktails just can’t help bringing friends closer together — and isn’t that what life’s all about?

check out the grub.

Step into our culinary haven where burgers, shakes, and cocktails take centre stage. Our menu celebrates indulgence, with each bite of our succulent burgers a voyage of taste bud discovery. But the spotlight doesn’t shine solely on the main event: our kitchen also crafts an array of delectable bites, sides, plates, and bowls to seduce even the most discerning of palates.

burger happy hour