wee bit about us.

we are vandal & co.

Founded in 2021, the Vandal & Co. team create memorable hospitality experiences featuring feel-good food and creative fun cocktails, along with exceptional service and banging tunes.

Our restaurant in the heart of Dundee delivers more than just a meal: it’s a place where people gather, stories are shared, and connections grow stronger. Seems our famous burgers, shakes, and cocktails just can’t help bringing friends closer together — and isn’t that what life’s all about?

check out the grub.

Come play with us at Vandal & Co. and enjoy the best burgers around. Situated in the heart of Dundee, our menu is pure indulgence from mouthwatering burgers to sizzling steaks to hand-cut fries and scrumptious sides.

We’ve taken inspiration from our time in New York and each burger has been lovingly crafted. We also pride ourselves in the quality of all our food the partnerships with our incredible suppliers.

Vandal & Co. krispy burger
Vandal & Co. brownie
Vandal & Co. mozza fingers
Vandal & Co. beef burger