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Vandal & Co.

Burgers, cocktails & shakes.

What's cooking?

Step into our culinary haven where burgers, shakes, and cocktails take centre stage. Our menu is a celebration of indulgence, where each bite of our succulent burgers is a voyage into taste bud ecstasy. But the spotlight doesn’t shine solely on the main event – our kitchen also crafts an array of delectable bites, sides, plates, and bowls that promise to tantalise even the most discerning of appetites. 

Come play with us!

deliveroo it.

Craving Vandal & Co.’s culinary brilliance? With Deliveroo, dining like a champ is a breeze. Plunge into our audacious menu  featuring game-changing dishes and classic faves. Customise, click, conquer. No drama, no hassle.

dundee's finest.

Founded in 2021, Vandal & Co focuses on creating memorable hospitality experiences featuring feel-good food, creative & fun cocktails, exceptional service backed up with a strong music line-up. Come find us in the heart of Dundee city centre.

free burgers!

Get rewarded for eating at Vandal & Co. in 5 simple steps:
1. Download the Squid app
2. Book a table at Vandal
3. Scan a QR when paying
4. Start building points
5. Redeem points for free burger
6. Repeat above steps indefinitely